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Marriage is a social, spiritual, religious and also legal reunion between two individuals who are bounded in love. The two people tie this nuptial knot for giving a social name to their relationship and for emotional security, having children, financial stability and to make their own family. Only people who are lucky get a chance to marry the person whom they desire. But sadly some people face tough situations due to their past life karmas. The part played by our old karmas is very significant and can either be positive or negative depending on our actions.

It has been said that marriages are always made in Heaven, but that does not mean that all these unions will have a happy ending. With time some relationships suffer and the couples start distancing from each other. There can be several reasons that cause problems in marriage like frequent quarrels, infidelity, dominance, misunderstandings, lack of communication, work pressure, joint family issues and many more. These problems wreck havoc in the relationship and the sacred bond of marriage starts falling apart. If you are dealing with any of these situations, do not be scared. Saving your marriage is a difficult job but with the help of our specialist Varun Shastri Ji you will be able to solve all your problems. Being a Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer, Shastri Ji knows very well how to deal with these delicate marriage and love problems.

Fights in a couple are very common and a part of life. It is only when these fights become constant; it takes an ugly turn and can even lead to violence. The love that once bonded them together gets lost and what are left in the relationship are only their personal differences. Our love marriage specialist astrologer Varun Shastri ji guides the couple in a manner to eradicate the problems in their life forever. First and foremost he minutely examines the kundli of both the partners to determine the cause of misunderstanding and differences. The movements of celestial bodies like planets and stars play a significant role in our life and most of our thoughts and actions are governed by these planetary movements. Shastri Ji expertly uses his astrological calculations and predictions to remove the basic cause of problems in love marriage.

With the guidance and help of our expert here you will be able to look beyond your personal differences and also learn from your mistakes. In order to rectify all the wrongs done, our love marriage specialist astrologer also performs the required puja to please the Heavenly Gods and Goddesses. With the Divine blessings all the problems are resolved and the couple is once again blessed with true love. When the problems are sorted, it will give a new life to your relationship and after this your love bond will only grow and mature with time. Besides Varun Shastri Ji also provides couple counselling to avoid the problems from getting bigger and reach on the verge of divorce. He has helped numerous couple to live their marriage life happily and with contentment.

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